Chris Ward

Commander (Retired) Chris Ward

Commander (Retired) Chris Ward
Executive Vice President of Technology Solutions

Chris Ward has more than 25 years of experience determining solutions for government C4I requirements and delivering solid warfighting capabilities. She has proven leadership managing technical programs related to the Department of Defense and a proven track record of providing innovative information technology solutions.

Chris concluded her military career as CIO for Commander Naval Forces Japan. She has extensive experience working with all facets of base operations. She was the driving force behind numerous improvements throughout her tenure, including the complete upgrade to OCONUS networks and the OCONUS base IT infrastructures.

She served as Chief of Staff for the Navy’s largest tactical communications hub (NCTAMS PAC), providing IP services to ships at sea. She worked with U.S. Allies to upgrade and improve their multinational secure networks, paving the way for joint coalition operations.

Chris holds a M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from the Naval Post Graduate School where she helped design communications satellites.