Admiral (Retired) Archie Clemins

Caribou Technologies founder Archie Clemins specializes in facilitating alliance partnerships and developing solutions for government interoperability, collaboration, intelligence and tactical challenges. He has implemented high technology solutions for the U.S. Government, the private sector, and foreign militaries. He serves on public, private and non-profit boards of primarily technology companies and several promising startups.

Marilyn Paddick Clemins
Executive Vice President

Marilyn Paddick Clemins, co-owner and Executive Vice President of Caribou Technologies, is the Chief Administrative Officer and the Facility Security Officer for all JPAS related inquiries.

Commander (Retired) Chris Ward
Executive Vice President of Technology Solutions

Chris Ward brings more than 25 years of experience determining solutions for Department of Defense C4I requirements. Before leaving her position as Chief Information Officer of Commander Naval Forces Japan, she worked with U.S. Allies to upgrade and improve their multinational secure networks, paving the way for joint coalition operations.